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GreenLight Energy Solutions has a vision that one day all houses will utilize renewable energy systems but our team also realizes that there many other ways to save. After our design phase as a complimentary service we will help you determine how you might lower your energy consumption and increase the “green” in your pocket above and beyond the savings you will experience from installing a renewable energy system.  American homes waste 10 to 50% of the energy it uses. That means there is large saving to be made in your home.

  • Electrical Our experts will highlight how old and outdated light fixtures can be replaced with ones that are more energy efficient. Our staff will educate you on steps you can take to minimize the consumption of appliances and will be able to discover where and how much they are costing you.
  • Thermal 60-75% of Americans home utility bills goes to just getting your temperature right. Our team will review all facets of your heating and cooling system to see where improvements can be made to improve your systems performance. Normal hot water systems waste on average 15,000 gallons of water each year. Our team will help you discuss ways to improve your water usage and maximize savings.
  • Landscaping Strategies It is possible to achieve as much as 30% reduction in cooling and heating through careful landscaping planning. Proper landscaping can reduce heat from being carried into a house, slow air leakage in a house, and provide evaporative cooling.

GreenLight Energy Solutions purpose is to save you money, use less energy, and promote a healthier lifestyle for America.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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