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Headquartered in Rhode Island, GreenLight Energy Solutions serves customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Our company experience in the industry and our passion for renewable energy solutions enables our team to provide superior service to our customers.

Site Survey

Have an experienced GreenLight Energy professional visit your home and perform a site survey. This site survey is essential to determine how, what, and where renewable energy systems can be effective for your home or business. GreenLight Energy will provide an extensive site survey. This service will be fully refundable if you so choose to purchase a renewable energy system from GreenLight Energy Solutions. To sign up for a site survey click here.


GreenLight Energy Solutions will create a design that is custom-made for you site. A custom system is essential to ensure that you will obtain the most efficient and beneficial renewable energy system. Since every site is different beware of companies that do not send a professional to the site. Most likely they will install a “one size fits all system” that will not maximize the production and efficiency of a renewable energy system. Our design include detailed overview of the product needed for your site, a maintenance plan, and financing options if need be.


GreenLight Energy Solutions will provide a worry free professional installation of your renewable energy system. We provide a two year warranty on all installations. On all of our installations we provide on-site clean up, necessary equipment to provide a professional installation, and a prompt and courteous team.


A renewable energy system is a financial investment that will improve your financial and environmental future. GreenLight Energy Solutions provides services to connect customers with multiple financing channels. Customers may be able to finance through a bank or other lending institutions, and sometimes utilize manufacturer financing programs.


Although Renewable Energy systems are mostly maintenance free it is always good to have a trained eye make periodic checks to keep your systems working at their peak performance. An older system may only need some minor tweaks to restore systems to their original performance. Every GreenLight Energy system will receive a complimentary check up after your first year. As a valued customer you will be reminded when a system check is needed to make sure your system is maximizing performance.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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